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The Tojiro Hammered Paring Knife 9cm is a small knife with a plain edge blade, perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables or for small delicate work i.e. slicing a single garlic clove, de-veining a shrimp, cutting shapes into dough and so forth. They are very versatile knives and one of the most used knives in a chef’s kitchen.


Handcrafted traditional blades are constructed of VG10 core with a 13 chrome stainless steel outer layer and then hammered to provide a unique texture.


The hammered finish prevents food from sticking to the blade. The D-shape traditional Japanese wood handle provides balance and fits comfortably in your hand.

Tojiro DP Hammered 3-Layers Paring Knife, 90mm

SKU: F-1110
$135.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
  • Finished with a VG10 clad 13 coating in order to obtain both sharpness and easy maintenance. There are no other manufacturer with hammered stainless steel knives in the market. Black hammered finished knives are usually made from carbon steel. The VG10 clad 13 zero clear coating applied on the blade surface to ensure corrosion resistance.


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